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Administrative Operations (often referred to as "Admin Ops") supports the university’s academic, social and economic goals by recruiting and developing employees of the highest quality, promoting a safe and secure environment, and preserving the university’s reputation and assets. Departments overseen by Admin Ops include:

 Environmental Health and SafetyEnvironmental Health & Safety’s (EH&S) Core Purpose is to provide leadership for developing a safety culture by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling risks for the USC campuses and surrounding community.
 Fire Safety and Emergency PlanningOur role is to protect USC's people and mission by ensuring that the university is well prepared for any likely emergency and well protected from major hazards. We serve as liaisons for the university with issues involving the Los Angeles City Fire Department. We maintain the university's Emergency Operation Center, conduct building evacuation drills, and ensure that all major campus events are properly designed and executed with the safety of the university's students, faculty and staff in mind.
Public SafetyThe Department of Public Safety provides law enforcement and protective services to the USC campuses, partnering with all individuals to keep USC among the safest urban research universities in the country. To learn more about what DPS does and what you can do to keep USC safe, visit the Public Safety webpage.


To help you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Career and Protective Services, here are links to help you find what you need:

Help for new Principal Investigators

We understand that the onboarding process can sometimes seem overwhelming, and we hope the information on this page will assist you during your onboarding process at USC.

Help with lost property

If you have lost an item, you may call (213) 740-9759 at UPC, or (323) 442-1200 at HSC. You may also access our lost and found search engine.

Help planning a campus event

Please fill in the information on the event permit form. Submitting the form will electronically send the document to departments on campus integral in the event planning process.