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CAPS Strategic Position Statement

Charlie Lane, Associate Senior Vice President
Charlie Lane
Associate Senior Vice President
Our role is to provide a safe and secure environment, help the USC community strive for better performance and management, and protect USC’s assets and financial interests. We manage safety and security programs ranging from fire safety and campus security to environmental health. We offer training and consulting services to enhance employee performance and improve department management. We assist employees in filing for benefits in the event of an injury or long-term illness. And, as a means of furthering the university’s mission, we evaluate the university’s risks, take steps to minimize or eliminate them when possible, and assist in ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

CAPS’ many diverse departments serve a specific function yet all work for a common goal: To protect and promote the well-being of each member of the USC community. We accomplish this through strategic planning and management to offer complementary services that address the changing needs of the USC community.