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David Wright, Associate Senior Vice President
David Wright
Associate Senior Vice President
Our role is to promote and provide a safe and secure environment for the USC community and adapt to its changing needs. To this end, we perform a variety of diverse functions that help enable USC's students, faculty and staff safely pursue their professional and personal goals with peace of mind. For example, our campus security program is one of the largest and most technologically advanced in the country, and serves as a model for other universities. Environmental Health and Safety supports academic, research, and administrative activities of the university by anticipating potential risks, evaluating safety procedures, and developing new safety procedures and programs. The Office of Fire Safety and Emergency Planning focuses on campus fire prevention and response through fire safety training, building evacuation drills, building emergency response teams (BERT), safety inspections, building fire protection systems, and fire safety compliance. Administrative Operations additionally oversees information technology, human resources, and budget and finance as a combined shared services model for the Office of the Senior Vice President for Administration.