Auto-burglary and stolen vehicles are common crimes around the USC community.


Here are a few suggestions. They may help you reduce the possibility of being victimized.

  1. The single most important factor in deterring auto crimes is being selective in where you park your car. Try to park in well-lighted and well-populated areas.
  2. Always lock your car.
  3. Park your car in the areas with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  4. Car alarms are useful, but often are ignored. Don’t assume you are protected.
  5. In addition to an alarm, consider installing a kill switch and using a club-type device to prevent your car from being stolen.
  6. Tinted windows may provide concealment for thieves who break into cars to steal valuables or the car itself. Remember, dark tint on the driver’s side and front passenger side windows is also illegal.
  7. Thieves are attracted to cars with valuables left visible inside. Avoid leaving items such as coins, sunglasses, CD’s, cell phone and iPod chargers in the interior of your vehicle.
  8. Placing valuables in the trunk of your vehicle is a great idea. However, try to place them in the trunk prior to your parking your car. Be discrete when loading your truck. You don't want to bring attention on yourself while placing valuable items in the truck.
  9. The most common items stolen are mounted GPS Navigational Units, after-market or custom dash stereos, loose change or coins, iPod and cell phone chargers, sunglasses, CD's, and clothing, especially sports apparel.