Avoid leaving your bicycle locked free standing. Although your bike may be conveniently locked to itself, a thief can easily pick up the bicycle and walk away with it. Always lock your bicycle to a bike rack and lock the frame of your bicycle not just the tire. See sample below.

  • Register your bicycle with DPS. In the event your bicycle is recovered, this will expedite locating the owner of a bicycle if stolen or lost.
  • Criminals target bicycles that are free standing and/or locked to themselves.
  • Criminals also target bicycles that are secured with chain or cable locks because they are easy to defeat.
  • Secure the bicycle to a designated bicycle rack with 2 U-bolt locks as demonstrated in the diagram.
  • If there are no spaces at the rack closest to your location you must relocate. Bicycles are like cars, if there are not enough spaces you must drive to the next parking facility.
  • Report any suspicious activity to DPS (213) 740-4321 for emergencies, or (213) 740-6000 for non-emergencies.