Thieves take advantage of us when we least expect it. Oftentimes we open the door of opportunity unwillingly. The following are a few tips to reduce the chances of your being victimized.

  • Burglars are opportunists. Secure your doors and windows before leaving.
  • Give the illusion that you or someone is at home by keeping a light, television, or stereo on while away from your apartment.
  • Don’t let anyone into your building you don’t know.
  • Avoid propping doors open. Even if you are visiting a friend in another room, it only takes seconds for someone to take advantage of your room.
  • If possible, keep your bicycle indoors, or lock it to a stationary object such as a bike rack or fence.
  • Report suspicious persons or activity immediately to DPS.

Program these numbers into your cell phone

DPS Emergency (213) 740-4321, DPS Business (213) 740-6000,

LAPD (911)