Laptop computer theft has been growing at a steady rate as the use of laptop computers continues to grow. Many options are available to protect your data and to prevent theft, such as laptop locks, alarms, security labels and laptop tracking software. Victims can lose hardware, software and sensitive data that has not been backed up, as well as give thieves access to sensitive data and personal information.

For USC Students, Faculty, and Staff: Laptop Revcovery Software from Frontdoor Solutions

Reduce Your Chances of Becoming a Victim of Theft1. Assume no place is safe. 2. Never leave your laptop unattended. 3. Don't allow strangers to enter your building behind you. 4. Close and lock your dorm or bedroom. door, even if leaving for a short time. 5. Obtain and Use a laptop security lock. 6. Register your computer with a laptop tracking software provider.
Make Security a Habit Your behavior can determine the outcome of your day. Habits, good or bad, make you who you are and can affect what you have or have-not. Make “security” a daily habit.
Register Your Hardware Be sure to register your laptop (or any device) with the manufacture. Keep a hard copy of your registration. Doing this could aide in the recovery of your stolen or lost property.
Get a Cable Lock and Use It Use anti-theft locking devices (cable locks) on your laptop. The Leavey Library offers the use of cable locks while attending the library at no charge. Cable locks can be purchased at the bookstore, office depot, staples, ebay, amazon, or any computer store for less than $50.
When Your at the Library Be smart about your valuables and not leave them unattended or unsecured when studying. The USC Libraries provide laptop cable locks at no cost to you to use while you are studying at the library. Visit the circulation desk located on the first floor to checkout a cable lock.
Laptop Recovery Software Today’s technology allows you to gain control and keep track of your laptop (and android cell phones) at all times, and will help you find it if ever lost or stolen. Here are a few “free” downloads you can install on your laptop.

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Other Safe Tips
  • Avoid using “Auto Fill” software that captures your personal information, user name, and passwords. If your laptop is stolen, a thief can easily access and obtain sensitive information that can be used in identity theft.
  • If your laptop is stolen, report it immediately to DPS or your local police.
  • If you observe a crime in progress, STAY CALM AND CALL DPS (213)740-4321.
  • BE A GOOD WITNESS. Describe exactly what you observed with as many details as possible. Give complete descriptions such as sex, race, age, height, weight, hair color, clothing, tattoos, scars. Try to get the license plate if a vehicle is involved.
For Apple Products Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac Apple offers FREE service that will allow you to locate your apple device on a map, remotely lock your device, or erase your data. to learn more, visit the apple website at Find My iPhone, Mac, iPad.