Rape Aggression Defense Training (RAD)

Welcome to the RAD online registration.

For Individual Women:
Please complete the below form and select the class of your choice. You will be contacted by email with additional information about your selected class. RAD is designed for women only. RAD training is a hands-on physical defense class (not martial arts) that requires 12 hours of instruction to receive a certificate of completion. Classes are divided into 2 hour classes, twice per week for a total of 6 days/12 hours of instruction.

For Groups of 8 Women or more:
If you have women friends who are interested in taking this class, you and your friends can collaborate on days and times when each of you are available. Your "group" will be assigned an instructor and a campus location. Each member of your group must complete this form separately and check the "group of 8 or more" box below. Please create a unique name for your group for us to identify. Remember, each group member must use the same unique group name on the form.

Announcing New Classes
We are proud to announce RAD classes in September. Select two (sessions #1 and #2) of the following classes.

RAD classes are at minimum 12 hours of instruction. Students choosing the above scheduled classes must select a session #1 and #2 class.
Area Code and Phone Number (no spaces, no dashes) Example: (213) 740-6000 should read: 2137406000
Student, Faculty, Staff, Community Member, or Other
Undergraduate, Graduate, or Post Grad
If a group of 8 or more women (must be an even number) applies, select "yes" and proceed to the next line.
Create a unique name for your group. Example: Phi Beta Girls, Marks Tower 4th Fl, Eight Women, etc. Maximum of 20 characters. You and your fellow group will be assigned an instructor according to the days and times selected.
Type in your desire time slot. Please keep it at minimum 2 hours, and not to exceed 6 hours. For example: 12 noon to 4pm