Campus Event Safety

A safe and well-planned event on campus requires extensive planning and preparation. Start planning early as it will take at least four weeks to process paperwork for many aspects of planning an event. The earlier an organization starts the planning process, the more likely an event will be approved and encounter fewer problems.

When planning events on campus, an online Event Permit form must always be completed AT LEAST THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  Once submitted, the form is routed to the various departments on campus for review and approval (Department of Public Safety, Hospitality, Fire Safety, Transportation, etc.).  Submit the form early for approval and follow-up if necessary to ensure a safe and well-planned event.

Below are links to some commonly used forms and resources.  For general event information and questions, please visit the Scheduling Office website.   

Resources and Forms:

Safety Event Contact:
Angela DiBenedetto
Fire Safety and Emergency Planning
Phone (213) 740-5527