Emergency Procedures - Bomb Threat


University personnel receiving telephone threats should get as much information as possible from the caller and report it immediately to the Public Safety Department at (213) 740-4321.  Bomb threats received through the mail or by other means are also to be reported immediately.  Please refer to the Bomb Threat Checklist below for guidance on the information to be gathered.

The Department of Public Safety will assess the threat and advise building occupants if it is necessary to evacuate the building.  If it is necessary to evacuate, assemble in the parking lot and remain 300 feet away from the building until advised to return.

                                  Bomb Threat Information Sheet

Date and time of call:__________________   Phone Number call received at: ________________

Exact words of caller_____________________________________________________________


1.  When is the bomb going to explode?_____________________________________

2.  Where is the bomb?__________________________________________________

3.  What does it look like?________________________________________________

4.  What kind of bomb is it?______________________________________________

5.  What will cause it to explode?__________________________________________

6.  Did you place the bomb?______________________________________________

7.  Why? _____________________________________________________________

8.  Where are you calling from? ___________________________________________

9.  What is your address?________________________________________________

10. What is your name?_________________________________________________

                         CALLER’S VOICE (circle)          Male                Female

Calm               Disguised                Nasal              Angry              Broken

                   Stutter             Slow               Sincere                Lisp                 Rapid

Giggling          Deep                       Crying             Squeaky          Excited

                   Stressed         Accent             Loud                Slurred            Normal

If voice is familiar, whom did it sound like?  ____________________________________

Were there any background noises?____________________________________________

Name of person receiving call:________________________________________________