USC takes every precaution to prevent and mitigate the effects of fire on its campuses.  The Office of Fire Safety and Emergency Planning focuses on campus fire prevention and response in a number of areas:

  • Fire Safety Training
    We offer fire-safety training to all campus staff, including instruction on fire extinguisher use.  Resident advisers in university-owned residence halls receive training every fall, and staff members and students who work in laboratories where flammable chemicals are used receive training several times a year.
  • Building Evacuation Drills
    Fire evacuation drills are conducted periodically for all university-owned buildings, with a particular focus on residence halls, high-rise structures and health-care facilities, where fire drills are conducted every semester.
  • Building Emergency Response Teams (BERT)
    Building Emergency Response Teams in all 225 university-owned buildings receive training in fire emergency procedures and evacuation protocols.
  • Safety Inspections
    We conduct annual safety inspections for all university-owned buildings to help identify and correct potential fire hazards.
  • Building Fire Protection Systems
    We ensure that all university-owned residential buildings are equipped with automatic fire alarm systems and sprinklers.  Click HERE to learn about the various fire protection systems that can help you in an emergency.
  • Fire Safety Compliance
    The USC Office of Fire Safety and Emergency Planning enforces fire-prevention rules for all university-owned buildings.  The following are not permitted:
    - Open flames, such as candles and incense
    - Smoking
    - Halogen lamps
    - Electrical circuits may not be overloaded with too many appliances or other pieces of equipment
    - Tampering with or disabling fire safety equipment, such as smoke detectors

In addition:

  • Electrical circuits may not be overloaded with too many appliances or other pieces of equipment.
  • Residents of university residence halls with kitchens are required to monitor all stovetop cooking.


For additional information and questions related to Fire Safety, please contact Jeff Pendley at (213) 281-0963 or Rob Forsberg at (213) 440-0381.