Emergency Procedures - Power Outage

Response to a power outage will depend on the circumstances.  If possible, information should be obtained from Facilities Management Services on the extent and likely duration of the outage.  However, in many cases, the likely duration cannot be determined.

In most campus buildings, emergency power is provided only for emergency systems, and does not provide power for equipment or normal electrical outlets. 

  1. Assess the extent of the outage in your area.
  2. Report the outage to DPS at 740-4321 DPS will notify FMS.
  3. Help persons in darkened work areas move to safety.
  4. Check elevators to determine if anyone is trapped inside.  If so, immediately call for help; do not attempt to force open doors and rescue them.  Wait for a qualified elevator mechanic.
  5. Unplug desktop computers, equipment, and appliances during the outage, especially if not connected to a surge protector. 
  6. Shutdown any equipment or process that could be hazardous if the power suddenly returns.
  7. If practical, secure current experimental work, then move it to a safe location.  Get assistance – hazardous spills are a significant risk during transport of chemicals on carts.
  8. Keep lab refrigerators and ultra-low freezers closed during the outage.  Take any steps possible to protect materials dependent on power.
  9. Check to ensure appropriate personnel have been notified if there are critical areas that need power, such as animal areas or other special needs.
  10. Request direction from response teams regarding whether to evacuate or stay in place.