Building Emergency Information

Every facility at USC has a Building Emergency Response Team ("BERT") that is trained to ensure a safe evacuation.  Please click here to download the BERT training presentation.  In addition, each facility has its own emergency supplies.  Listed below is specific information for each university building.

Building Download
3434 Grand Building.pdf Download
Ahmanson Center for Biological Research.pdf Download
Allan Hancock Foundation.pdf Download
American Button Manufacturing.pdf Download
Anna Bing Arnold Child Care Center.pdf Download
Annenberg School for Communication.pdf Download
Arnold Schoenberg Institute.pdf Download
Belle D. Vivian YWCA.pdf Download
Biegler Hall of Engineering.pdf Download
Bing Theatre.pdf Download
Blance and Frank R. Seaver Student Residence Hall Download
Bovard Administration.pdf Download
Bridge Memorial Hall.pdf Download
Capital Planning Trailer.pdf Download
Carol Little Building.pdf Download
Carson Television Center.pdf Download
Center for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis.pdf Download
Center for Health Professions.pdf Download
Central Services Trailer.pdf Download
Charles Lee Powell Hall.pdf Download
Childs Way Building 1.pdf Download
Childs Way Building 2.pdf Download
Claire Zellerbach Saroni Student Health Center.pdf Download
Clinical Science Center.pdf Download
Clinical Sciences Annex.pdf Download
Cockins House.pdf Download
College Academic Services.pdf Download
College House.pdf Download
Corwin D. Denney Research Center.pdf Download
Credit Union Building.pdf Download
Custodial Services Trailer.pdf Download
Davidson Continuing Education Conference Center.pdf Download
Doctor Norman Topping Tower.pdf Download
Doheny Library.pdf Download
Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker Hydrocarbon Institute Download
Drama Center Download
Early Childhood Training Center Download
Edmondsen Building Download
EGG Company II Download
Eileen and Kenneth T. Norris Dental Science Center Download
Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre Download
Elain and Kenneth Leventhal School of Accounting Download
Elaine Stevely Hoffman Medical Research Center Download
Eli & Edyth Broad CIRM Center For Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Resch.pdf Download
Elvon and Mabel Musick Law Building.pdf Download
Engemann Student Health and Counseling Center.pdf Download
Estelle Doheny Eye Foundation.pdf Download
Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center.pdf Download
Facilities Management Building.pdf Download
Facilities Planning Management.pdf Download
Figueroa Emergency Info.pdf Download
Forthmann House.pdf Download
Foundation Lab.pdf Download
Frank L. King Olympic Hall.pdf Download
Frank R. Seaver Science Center.pdf Download
Galen Event Center.pdf Download
General William Lyon University Center.pdf Download
George Lucas Instructional Building.pdf Download
Grace Ford Salvatori Hall of Letters.pdf Download
Gwynn Wilson Student Union.pdf Download
H. Leslie Hoffman Hall of Business Administration.pdf Download
Harlyne J. Norris Research Tower.pdf Download
Harold Lloyd Motion Picture Scoring Stage.pdf Download
Harris Hall, Quinn Wing and Fisher Gallery.pdf Download
Hazel and Stanley Hall of Financial Services Building.pdf Download
Health Science Alhambra Building.pdf Download
Health Sciences Campus Child Care.pdf Download
Health Sciences Campus Parking Structure.pdf Download
Healthcare Consultation Center II.pdf Download
Hedco Neurosciences Building.pdf Download
Hedco Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Building.pdf Download
Henry Salvatori Computer Science Center.pdf Download
Heritage Hall.pdf Download
Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center.pdf Download
Human Relations Center.pdf Download
Humanities and Social Science Annex.pdf Download
Information Science Institute.pdf Download
Institute for Creative Technologies.pdf Download
Instructional Media Services.pdf Download
Jane Hoffman Popovich and J Kristoffer Popovich Hall.pdf Download
Jefferson Building.pdf Download
John & Alice Tyler Building.pdf Download
John E. Bishop Medical Teaching and Research.pdf Download
John Stauffer Hall of Science.pdf Download
John Stauffer Pharmaceutical Sciences Center.pdf Download
John Stauffer Science Lecture Hall.pdf Download
Joint Educational Project.pdf Download
Kaprielian Hall.pdf Download
Keith Administration.pdf Download
Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Hospital Research.pdf Download
Kerckhoff Carriage House.pdf Download
Kerckhoff Hall.pdf Download
KUSC Downtown LA.pdf Download
Laird J. Stabler Memorial Hall.pdf Download
Leavey Library.pdf Download
Maria Lucas Post Production Building.pdf Download
McKibben Annex.pdf Download
McKibben Hall.pdf Download
Montgomery Ross Fisher Building.pdf Download
Mrs. Willis H. Booth Ferris Rehearsal Hall.pdf Download
Mudd Memorial Hall of Philosophy.pdf Download
Mudd Memorial Research Building.pdf Download
Music Practice and Instructional Center.pdf Download
Neely Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Building.pdf Download
Neuroscience Imaging Center.pdf Download
Norris Medical Library.pdf Download
Olin Hall of Engineering.pdf Download
One Institute.pdf Download
Operations and Maintenance.pdf Download
Orange County Center.pdf Download
Organic Chemistry Wing.pdf Download
Parking Structure A.pdf Download
Parking Structure B.pdf Download
Parking Structure D.pdf Download
Parking Structure X.pdf Download
Pertusati University Bookstore.pdf Download
Physical Education Building.pdf Download
Physical Plant.pdf Download
Radisson Midcity Hotel.pdf Download
Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall.pdf Download
Raubenheimer Music Faculty Memorial Building.pdf Download
Raulston Medical Research Building.pdf Download
Ray and Nadine Watt Hall of Architecture and Fine Arts.pdf Download
Ray Irani Hall.pdf Download
Registration Building 2.pdf Download
Registration Building.pdf Download
Research Annex.pdf Download
Robert Glen Rapp Engineering Research Building.pdf Download
Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts.pdf Download
Ronald Tutor Campus Center.pdf Download
Ronald Tutor Hall of Engineering.pdf Download
Scene Dock Theatre.pdf Download
Seaver Science Library.pdf Download
Seely G. Mudd Building.pdf Download
Social Sciences Building.pdf Download
Social Work Center on Child Welfare.pdf Download
Social Work Center.pdf Download
State Capital Center.pdf Download
Steven Spielberg Music Scoring Stage.pdf Download
Stonier Hall.pdf Download
Student Admin Services- Hubbard Hall 2.pdf Download
Student Admin Services- Hubbard Hall.pdf Download
Taper Hall.pdf Download
Technical Theatre Lab.pdf Download
Theatre Scene Shop.pdf Download
Town and Gown.pdf Download
TRC-USC Kidney Center.pdf Download
Trojan Residence Hall- Admissions Center.pdf Download
United University Church.pdf Download
University Club.pdf Download
University Computer Center.pdf Download
University Gardens.pdf Download
University Parking Center.pdf Download
University Religious Center.pdf Download
University Village.pdf Download
USC Healthcare Consultation Center.pdf Download
Valley Boulevard Building.pdf Download
Virginia Ramo Hall of Music.pdf Download
Vivian Hall of Engineering.pdf Download
Von Kleinsmid Center for International and Public Affairs.pdf Download
Waite Phillips Hall.pdf Download
Widney Alumni House.pdf Download
Wrigley Institute.pdf Download
Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute.pdf Download
Zone Management Team Building.pdf Download
Zumberge Hall of Science.pdf Download