Report a Safety Concern

We investigate accidents or safety concerns reported by USC departments 

At USC Environmental Health & Safety, we investigate the circumstances of accidents that occur on campus. Our goal is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place or from reoccurring, as well as minimize health risks to employees, students, the public and the environment. 

If you have a safety concern, see something that you think could cause injury, or simply have an idea to share, send us a notification or request by clicking on following link 

You can also call EHS office at (323) 442-2200 

Please provide follwing information while reporting any accident or safety concern. 
  1. Give your name and a contact info
  2. Location (Campus, Building and room number)
  3. Type of accident/concern (Injury, Chemical, Biological, radioactive, slip and trip, earthqauke safety, fire safety, improper practice, Ergonomics, etc)
  4. If some one is injured please call DPS (UPC: 213-740-4321 & HSC: 323-442-1000)
  5. Give as much details as possible