USC’s Radiation safety office manages all aspects of radiation related work done at USC campuses and satellite sites. Safety office primarily oversees all the radiation research carried out at USC by issuing radiation permit to investigators, reviewing protocols, conducting safety audit, training faculty and staff on safety standards, waste management, controlling exposure, etc. 

Radiation safety office has several policies in place and hardworking staff to keep USC community safe from hazards of ionizing radiation and support researchers in their extra ordinary work. 

Radiation Safety Program
Radiation safety program provides a structure and organization which ensures continuing implementation of the radiation safety policy throughout USC. The objectives are:
  • As Low As is Reasonably Achievable (ALARA): Safety office makes every reasonable effort to maintain radiation exposures, and releases of radioactive material in effluents to unrestricted areas. 
  • To ensure control of the possession and use of various sources of radiation (isotopes and devices producing radiation)  in University teaching, research and operating programs. 
  • To minimize, as much as possible, hazards to personnel and loss of property arising from the use of such materials
  • To ensure compliance with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations covering the use of such materials, machines and devices.
Programs / Manual 
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Instructions for Radiation module for EHS Assistant
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Radiation waste management:
For more information about Radiation safety program, please contact EH&S at: 
University Park Campus (UPC) & Health Science campus (HSC) 323-442-2200