Radiation Safety Committee


The Radiation Safety Committee evaluates all proposals for and maintains surveillance over all use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing equipment within University purview. Specific responsibilities include:

  • formulating general policy governing the use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing equipment;
  • reviewing and approving all requests for use of radioactive material and radiation-producing machines;
  • determining that all individuals authorized to use radioactive materials and radiation-producing equipment have sufficient training and experience to perform their duties safely,
  • establishing a program to ensure that all individuals whose duties may require them to work in the vicinity of radioactive material or radiation-producing machines are properly instructed about all appropriate health and safety matters; and
  • conducting an annual review of the radiation safety program to determine that all activities are conducted safely and in accordance with California Radiation Control Regulations and the University's license.

The Committee consists of at least twelve voting members appointed by the Office of the President. Membership includes, at minimum:

  • ten faculty members who are either physicians or particularly knowledgeable about radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines for diagnosis, therapy or research; and
  • two ex officio members–the Associate Senior Vice President for Career and Protective Services, and the Radiation Safety Officer.

Committee members serve for a term of one year. The chairman is designated by the President and selected from among the faculty representatives on the Committee. The faculty pool derives from three sources: nominations by the Faculty Senate, nominations by deans, and faculty self-nominations.

The Committee reports administratively to the President through the Senior Vice President, Administration and General Counsel, and works closely with the Associate Senior Vice President for Career and Protective Services, whose office provides the staff support for the Committee.


Radiation Safety Commitee meeting Schedule 

The Radiation Safety Committee meets at least quarterly. Business is conducted at Campus Sub-Committee meetings. The Health Sciences Sub-Committee typically meets monthly; the University Park Sub-Committee typically meets quarterly. The full Committee meets jointly twice. Additional special meetings are convened as needed.

Radiation Safety Committee meets on second Thursday of every month. Deadline for submission for protocols is 2 weeks before the meeting if the protocols needs to be presented in that month's meeting. 

To submit a protocol for review or add an agenda item for a given meeting, submit an application form to the Radiation Safety Officer before the deadline.