Emergency Notification Protocol: Injuries and Incidents

See the 1-2-3 Serious Injury Reporting Flyer to the right. A PDF version is available at this link.
  1. Call DPS UPC  (213) 740-4321; HSC (323) 442-1000.
  2. Call EH&S (323) 442-2200. 
  3. Notify your supervisor and HR Partner.
  4. Follow further instructions on the Workers' Compensation website.
Supervisor Responsibility
All employers in the State of California are required to immediately report any serious injury, serious illness, or death of employee, occurring in a place of their employment, or in connection with their employment. This means you must call as soon as practically possible, but no longer than 8 hours after you learn about the death or serious injury or illness.  Serious injury or illness refers to any work-related injury or illness which requires inpatient hospitalization for a period greater than 24 hours or in which an employee suffers a loss of any member of the body or suffers any serious degree of permanent disfigurement.
Employers who fail to report serious occupational injury or illness within the required 8-hour window are subject to an automatic $5,000 penalty.  It is critical that all USC Supervisors and HR Partners immediately report any serious workplace injury or illness directly to the USC Office of Environmental Health & Safety so they can notify the local Cal/OSHA district office.
  1. Supervisors and HR Partners: Contact Workers' Compensation (213) 740-6205 AND EH&S (323) 442-2200 immediately.
  2. Fill out the Manager’s incident report (for USC employees).
  3. Fill out Volunteer injury or illness report (for non- USC  volunteers).
Where to seek treatment
Visit the Workers' Compensation web page for a list of medical facilities to treat non-threatening injuries.
Non-emergency injury and illness reporting
Refer to the Non-Emergency Injury and Illness Reporting Fact Sheet for information on how to report the injury/illnees and where to seek treatment.
rDNA incidents involving exposure
Spills or accidents in BSL2 laboratories resulting in overt exposure  must  be  reported  immediately. Contact DPS and EH&S Biosafety (see Employee Responsibility above). For more information and treatment locations, consult the Reporting rDNA Incidents Fact Sheet.
1. Call DPS    
UPC Emergency (213) 740-4321 HSC Emergency (323) 442-1000.
2. Give your name and call back number.
3. Provide the location of the emergency (Campus, Building name and room number).
4. Explain the emergency (Injury, Fire, Chemical/Biological/Radioactive spill, Personal threat, Theft, etc). Give as much detail as possible including the name(s) of the injured.